Yes, It Can Be Frustrating But We Can’t Give Up

Yes, It Can Be Frustrating But We Can’t Give Up

As we head into a new year, we tend to look back at all the events that have happened this past year – and that can sometimes lead us down a path of anger. Yes, it can be frustrating but we can’t give up. A new year will bring on new hope and new opportunities to make our government work for us.

If you feel like the issues you care about are being represented, contact your officials and let them know.

If you feel like the issues you care about aren’t being represented, contact your officials and let them know.

We may not always feel like it’s possible, but we do have the ability to change the world with our votes. We have the opportunity to reach out and let those making the decisions know how we feel and how they should consider their constituents concerns when making them.

As we watch what’s happening around us, wondering who is representing you – we must remember that while we may not win each vote, or every candidate we like is elected, it is still up to us to participate in the process or be left entirely behind. We need to remain diligent in doing our research, finding out about the issues being discussed and reviewed, and letting those elected to act on our behalf know how we feel and what’s important to us.

While you still may not feel like your voice is being heard, the alternative of not voting means you are silencing yourself completely. Not participating in the process means you are giving up on your rights. You’re giving up on having a say in how the world you live in is being taken care of. It means you’re giving up on ever having the opportunity to make a change.

And we all know – changing anything always begins with you.

As we look forward to all the new beginnings and budding opportunities waiting for us in 2018, remember your voice matters and you deserve to be heard. #WomenVotes


Let Them Hear From You

Let Them Hear From You

It’s been over a month since we rallied around the voting booth and let our choices known by voting last November. Did you think your job was done? You showed up, and that was all? Voting is only the beginning of being heard. The next step is to let them hear from you!

Regardless of whether or not your candidate was elected, your voice still matters. Now is when the work starts. All those issues that mattered to you prior to voting, are still valid issues. All your views you had are still important and your representatives need to know your thoughts. As a matter of fact, it’s their job to listen to you.

Find your elected official here.

There are several options and you can choose the method most comfortable for you, however, we’ve been told actually calling your official is the best way to be sure they hear you. You may not speak directly to your elected official, but the person answering the phone will make note of your concerns. It’s okay to jot a few things down, so you don’t lose track of your thoughts. Have a statement prepared and let them know your views. Although you may be frustrated, it’s important to be articulate, not lose your temper, or yell at the person answering the phone.

Their website should have information on their stance, and what they’re views are. If they have social media, they may be posting about their activities. The information is out there for you and you have the right to contact them and let them know how you feel about the issues that are important to you.

Your voice matters long after your vote is cast. It’s up to you to let your official know what matters to you in order for them to do their job effectively. It may sometimes feel like you aren’t being heard, but it’s up to us to do more than vote. We need to remain diligent beyond knowing the issues prior to voting. We need to guide our officials in how to represent all of their constituents. #WomenVotes

Are You Eligible for an Absentee Vote?

Are You Eligible for an Absentee Vote?

In case you haven’t heard, we think voting is really important around here and aim to do our best to give you the answers and information you may need to make an informed decision and knowing your rights when you get there.

This month we focus on absentee ballots and knowing if you are eligible for an absentee vote.

There are two groups of people who have the ability to use an absentee ballot:
1. Military Members, spouses, and eligible family members
2. Overseas U.S. Citizens who previously resided in the U.S.

Both of these groups can start the process of getting their ballot by going here to get their Federal Post Card Application. This starts the process of having the correct ballots sent to your address overseas. Starting the process sooner, rather than later, will allow for mailing time and follow-up in case you don’t receive the ballot. You can contact your Local Election Office to verify your status by finding their information. If you haven’t received your ballot 30 days prior to the election you can vote using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).

If you are a citizen, 18 years or older, born abroad, and have never lived in the United States, each state has their own rules on voting. You can find them here.

If you’re considering an absentee vote, it’s best to start the process early to ensure you are ready to vote and have, and have filed, all the proper paperwork to ensure your voice is heard – even if it’s across an ocean!

Show Your Voice

Show Your Voice

Stand up and be counted for having fun…while voting!


These little beauties, graciously designed by #MonoAgency, made their way home with all sorts of women ready to show just how important it is to have their voices heard with a simple gift of $5 for 3 buttons! They made their grand debut at the National Association for Female Executives Luncheon for Top Executives this past March 9th in New York City!

Regardless of your party, these buttons show that your vote is more than lip service. These show that you think everyone’s voice should be heard – not only for Presidential choices, but also in the Midterm Elections to make your mark in D.C. and locally! Our Senators and Legislators will be looking to you once again to make your mark and choose your representatives so why not start making your voice heard now with the issues that matter most to you? Let them know whats important to YOU so they can better represent your interests.

Want to grab some of these buttons for yourself, or your group? Contact us and we’ll get you the details! In the meantime, keep up the conversations #WomenVotes and rock on, Democracy!