Free Ride to the Polls: WomenVotes Takes you There

Free Ride to the Polls: WomenVotes Takes you There

By Brian Rashid — Forbes

Free Ride to the Polls: WomenVotes Takes you There by Brian Rashid

As featured in Forbes, October 9, 2016

This is breaking news, or should I say, “braking” news.

If you are in many parts of America, you can get a ride to the polls.

This ride will be round-trip.

This ride will be free.

This ride will be provided by 100% volunteer drivers and is women inspired.

This ride could change the future of the America you live in.

Nicole Wild Merl and Thomas Cook are the co-founders of WomenVotes . The initiative,
which was first ever virtual co-op authorized by Northeastern University College of
Professional Studies, has turned into a national movement. WomenVotes was officially
launched in 2016 with the support of Washington Media Institute under the leadership of
Amos Gelb to 10 participant millennial consultants from colleges across the United
States to gain their perspectives and assistance. Today, all now serve as WomenVotes
founding Millennial Advisory Board along with some talented Norheastern University

Initially, WomenVotes set out to create real-time, non-partisan twitter conversations.
Through the combination of twitter and their blog, there would be a place for women
everywhere to share their thoughts about the important issues in the upcoming election,
regardless of party lines. The mission statement was simple. WomenVotes empowers
women to vote and run for elected office. As their users started engaging more with
each other, and using the hashtag #Election2016, Nicole and Thomas realized a huge
opportunity to embrace empowerment and grow their initiative.

This was the birth of Carpool2Vote.

Carpool2Vote is the first ever volunteer based app that provides free rides to the polls
for people all across America. I have heard that women created the idea of carpooling,
so it is fitting and appropriate this idea comes full circle where women are now driving
voters to the polls across the country. Even the major ridesharing platforms are not
offering such a service. Yes, they offer vouchers and gift certificates, but only one-way,
and only to new users. Carpool2Vote, on the other hand, offers free rides to anyone
who signs up. No credit redemptions. No stress about whether or not you are a first time
user. Free for everyone.

This app has stirred up a lot of excitement among major supporters. Hundreds of
thousands of women members are coming together to make sure that individuals have
a free app to get you to the polls to vote. Influential followers on twitter include: Ellevate
Network, National Association for Female Executives, Working Mother, and the Internet
of Women community, led by Monique Marrow, are supporting Women Votes on this
initiative. This is just the beginning of the potential possible.

“We are excited and delighted that we will be able to reach out to hundreds of
thousands of Deca’s students, teachers, and parents across America to build
awareness and social responsibility in the next generation of leaders,” Nicole and
Thomas told me.

A call to action is now in progress to recruit drivers from around the country. The call to
action is asking people to volunteer to drive as well as for individuals to sign up now to
carpool to vote. Since this is a volunteer-based initiative created and developed in
America, the more drivers that exist, the more people can get to the polls. To further
spread the word, Women Votes is thrilled that Carpool2Vote is being promoted by AMC
Networks Inc. AMC Networks Inc will support outreach and inspire civic engagement
through online support on its corporate website and network websites. AMC Networks
Inc. owns and operates several of the most popular and award-winning brands in cable
television such as AMC, BBC AMERICA, IFC, SundanceTV, and WE tv.

The app was designed by Justin Insalaco, the CEO of 3BDreams , with the help of his
team including Chief Architect, Matt Young.

“When we heard about the opportunity to develop a rideshare application to get people
to the polls, I was ecstatic to help. The user experience is very simple by nature so
everyone can navigate it to enhance the number of people that can get to the polls,”
Insalaco told me.

The app is now live and can be downloaded in the App Store (Carpool2Vote). In just a
few steps, you can create a profile as either a driver or user. The team also took a
thoughtful approach to the safety and accuracy of the app. The App ensures the rider is
getting in the correct vehicle driven by the correct driver through a very simple
authentication solution that’s similar to the way warehouses work. Each driver will be
issued a unique barcode based on their license plate and driver’s license. When the
driver’s car arrives, that barcode will be displayed on the driver’s phone, and the rider
can quickly take a picture of the driver’s barcode to ensure they are getting into the right
vehicle. If the driver is who they should be, the passenger will receive a confirmation
sound (beep) and vibration after they “scan.” If the driver is not correct, there will be an
alert on the passenger’s phone. This feature is not present in either Lyft or Uber today,
and will help reduce passenger risk on election day.

Every time I open my phone or turn on a TV, I see something about the election. A new
finding, a hot topic, opinions about the candidates. And then I wonder, “how many
people are doing something about the general public’s ability to influence these

Nicole, Thomas, and Women Votes answered that question for me. They showed me
how a small group of committed people can make a ripple in the next month. In the next
decade. In the next century.

They show us that whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, change is

And that change is not limited to an office in Washington DC.
We can do it from the palm of their hands.
Or maybe, the back seat of our cars.

Free Ride to the Polls: WomenVotes Takes you There by Brian Rashid, Forbes Contributor