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cp2v-350x250-v01Can you carpool with someone to vote on November 8th? Do you need a ride to the polls?
This election is too important for anyone to stay home because they couldn’t get to the polls!
Carpool2Vote is the first-ever FREE ride share app to the polls. Now available for download in the App Store (Carpool2Vote).
Very soon we will know who the next president of the United States will be. needs your help to outreach to women and men across the country to join together to make sure that individuals have a free app to get people to the polls to vote and enough volunteer drivers on general election day.
A call to action is now in progress to recruit drivers from around the country. The call to action is asking for people to volunteer to drive as well as individuals to sign up now to carpool to vote. Since this is a volunteer-based initiative created and developed in America, the more drivers that exist, the more people we can get to the polls.
Free Ride To The Polls: WomenVotes Takes You There – Forbes
Letter of Support – Monique Morrow
CTO – Evangelist New Frontiers, Development & Engineering at CISCO

Co-editor, The Internet of Women, Accelerating Culture Change                          

Entrepreneur Creates Free Ride Sharing App From Charlotte — Charlotte Business Journal
Entrepreneur Creates Free Ride Sharing App From Charlotte — BizWomen
Women Votes and #Carpool2Vote are bi-partisan initiatives with a purpose to empower women to vote and run for elected office. To further spread the word, Carpool2Vote is being promoted by AMC Networks Inc., which will support outreach and inspire civic engagement through online support on its corporate website and network websites. AMC Networks Inc. owns and operates several of the most popular and award-winning brands in cable television: AMC, BBC AMERICA, IFC, SundanceTV, and WE tv.

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