#Carpool2Vote List of the Best Carpool and Rideshare Apps for Election2016

#Carpool2Vote List of the Best Carpool and Rideshare Apps for Election2016

There are many great resources out there to support people to #Carpool2Vote on #Election2016 Day. Our goal is to keep this list up-to-date so we can support your voting efforts and help you make the best choice for you and your group and not get stuck without a lift to the polls.


Some Carpool and Rideshare Tips:

Your City: Check out your city and/or state department of transportation to learn about carpool options in your area. Find rideshare and other options to help build your commute with neighbors or start your own car share program in your community.

Google Docs Sign-up Sheet: This simple template allows groups of people to sign up for various tasks usiFng the collaborative features of Google Docs. It can be used to coordinate many tasks including organizing your #Carpool2Vote. The organizer sets things up by filling in dates, names, and chores, then shares it with participants to fill in. www.googledocs.com


List of the Best Carpool and Rideshare Apps for Election2016

  • Carma Carpooling: With the catch-phrase “Freedom to Go”, Carma is a carpooling app pioneering the Ownerless Car to transform wasted parking lot hours into dynamic mobility services that respond to people’s different transportation needs throughout the day. With over 400 cars, its customers are already living and driving the future of transportation. gocarma.com
  • Carpoolworld: Is an Internet website that provides a free public on-line trip-matching service. Carpoolworld also provides a hosted carpool matching solution for institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals who wish to provide carpool matching for their community. carpoolworld.com
  • Craigslist: Provides a community rideshare link where you can find postings to find rides offered and needed only. No app or connected social platform so you know who you are riding with or peer-to-peer review! craigslist.org
  • Getaround: Is an online car sharing or peer-to-peer carsharing service that allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for payment. With Getaround, you can rent 1000’s of cars from a Toyota to a BMW to a Tesla and unlock them all with your phone via the easy to use app. getaround.com
  • Lyft: Is an easy-to-use taxi app alternative and one of the biggest names in the ridesharing space. Lyft Line takes ridesharing to the next level by connecting you to other passengers along your route. When you share a ride, you pay a discounted price. Look out for the pink mustache! lyft.com
  • iCarpool: Looking for a better way to commute? iCarpool connects you with verified drivers going your way so you can start carpooling in a matter of minutes. “No fixed schedule. Book a ride and hop on.” icarpool.com
  • Rideshare: With a mission to support and promote all forms of ridesharing, improve the environment, provide world-class customer experience and lessen the burden of government, Rideshare provides carpooling and fleet solutions for offices and campuses! rideshare.com
  • Ridejoy: Is a community marketplace for friendly people sharing rides. If you are going in a trip, you can list extra seat space in your car, and if you need to get somewhere, you can find a ride, using the site. ridejoy.com
  • Rydes: RYDE is a social enterprise that promotes carpooling. RYDE’s request tool uses GPS technology to match drivers with riders going the same way. Carpooling benefits all. For riders, it offers a social, eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. For drivers, this helps to offset the cost of petrol and parking. rydesharing.com
  • SafeHer SafeHer was born to provide a simple solution to an all-to-common problem: reducing violence against women in the ride-share space. SafeHer’s proprietary background checks aim to set a new safety standard in the industry. To join this movement go to www.safeher.com
  • Turo “Rent a car anywhere”, this app offers local pickup, city delivery, and airport delivery saving commuters time and money. www.turo.com
  • Uber: Very popular ridesharing app that allows you to choose your vehicle type and share for carpool options. Uber’s message “Across borders, cultures, and languages, we’re proud to connect people who need a reliable ride with people looking to earn money driving their car. Your journeys inspire us. Thank you.” uber.com
  • Zimride: Is a simple way to connect drivers and passengers going the same way you are. … It’s simple! “Zimriding” is a fun way to get where you need to go and also connect with others in your immediate area to share rides (only available to universities and corporations. zimride.com
  • ZipCar: Is an American car-sharing company, a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. Zipcar provides automobile reservations to its members, billable by the hour or day. Zipcar members pay a monthly or annual membership fee in addition to car reservations charges. “Own the trip. Not the car.” zipcar.com
WomenVotes Announces #Carpool2Vote at Northeastern University

WomenVotes Announces #Carpool2Vote at Northeastern University

WomenVotes Announces #Carpool2Vote at Northeastern University’s prestigious 2016 Education Cooperative Awards Luncheon


Campaign highlights the importance of #WomenVotes and the need to help others get to the polls so they can cast their ballot on #Election2016 Day. Includes a list of the Best Carpool and Rideshare Apps for 2016


June 29, 2016

BOSTON, MA—WomenVotes (http://womenvotes.org), co-founders Nicole Wild Merl and Thomas Cook, today announced a new initiative, #Carpool2Vote aimed at helping get women, moms, grandmas (anyone needing a lift) to the polls on #Election2016 Day during an acceptance speech at Northeastern University’s prestigious 2016 Education Cooperative Awards Luncheon. Ms. Wild Merl, a graduating Master’s student, was honored with “The Student Scholar” recognition for her achievements.

Furthermore, the WomenVotes.org blog and social platforms were created via the first-ever virtual Education Cooperative allowed by Northeastern University to research, develop, and implement a digital social impact project both as an experiential and innovative learning experience. Sponsored by Thomas Cook, Thomas Cook & Associates LLC, the social impact project’s timely mission is to empower #WomenVotes for #Election2016 and the future.

Calling all drivers! The #Carpool2Vote campaign highlights the importance of civic engagement by encouraging women from all political affiliations to vote on the issues and help with resources and ways to carpool to vote in the presidential election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. To support the campaign, WomenVotes is seeking to join forces with women, moms, and caring organizations who want and can make a difference.

#Carpool2Vote List of the Best Carpool and Rideshare Apps for 2016



The Bernie-verse Just Hit its Big Bang

The Bernie-verse Just Hit its Big Bang

By Misty Rosas

“You had me at hello…”

“Show me the MONEY!”

Perhaps two of the most iconic lines in American movie history. Renee Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr. said those words to Tom Cruise, playing Jerry McGuire in the titular role. If you were human and alive in 1996, you saw Jerry McGuire. You laughed. You cried. You ate that sh*t up.


Because it was the classic story of an underdog! Everyone loves the heroes’ journey. A great and honest man (or woman) is faced with daunting circumstances. Yet he prevails with the help of a few devoted believers. Rudy Ruettiger. Oprah. Nelson Mandela. Hell, even Jesus – all underdogs. All Grade A, fantastic underdog stories.

And then there’s Bernie.

Oh, I love me some Bernie. He’s your cranky old grandpa who’s been there, done that. He knows a few things and he’s had enough of our crap. Fasten your seatbelts because the Bernie-verse just had its big bang.

Bernie officially announced his intention to run for president on May 26, 2015, about six weeks after Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. Since then, there has been a slow, steady bubbling of support for his progressive, socialist approach. Bernie has been an activist for more than half a century, with no signs of slowing down.

Will Bernie crush Hillary at the #CAPrimary, resurging Bernie fervency to an energetic new high? So I have two questions:

  1. What took this guy so long to run for president?
  2. Can he really win over my beloved Hillary?

I don’t know about question #1, though I have my concerns over question #2. As a woman, I am desperate for my daughters to see a woman lead the free world with unprecedented success. The gender gap is way more real than I could have ever imagined. I believe in her. She is also an underdog. Like she said, they’ve called her a lot of things, but never a quitter. She perseveres despite of gender, age, scandal and pantsuits.

But can Bernie undercut her underdog? Maybe. Show me a millennial and I’ll show you someone who loves anything called “grassroots.” So he’s grassroots. Hillary worked with what she had to get where she is. She has navigated politics for decades and succeeded, without the perk of having a penis.

How do we choose between our favorite grandma and grandpa? I love them both. Honestly, I’ll #VoteBlueNoMatterWho.

But I digress…. You might say that Trump is also an underdog. And he is in a way, but his story doesn’t qualify as a compelling heroes’ journey. A hero altruistically achieves his goal on behalf of the people. There is much speculation of his selfish motives, though his abrasive persona hardly represents the hero. Does anyone really believe he will responsibly handle nuclear codes?

So we have one idiot, one historic visionista and one helluva an underdog. In all fairness, he seems a little too good to be true. He’s been called an ideological purist who lacks the proven experience that Hillary already has. Don’t underestimate experience. How the hell do you think GWB got reelected for a second term?

Bottom line – she’s still my girl. #ImWithHer. But I’ll throw Bernie a little love, come what may. And if I believe in luck at all, grandma and grandpa will make-up and become the best damn presidential ticket there ever was.